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You can able to create interactivity through video conferencing

When you really wish to increase the productivity of your business then the main thing that is required is communication. Only when it is good you can able to give an outstanding performance. If not then surely you would not have a good relationship  with your employee that would decrease the rate of your production.

Here there is a list of few top video conferencing equipment that would boost up your conference level higher. Through using this hardware you can able to enable your communication effortlessly along with your team member and client whenever you feel it is needed. Check out our partners at

Cisco DX80 – Gives you the best support during the conference

  • It contains a 23-inch screen along with the camera and it provides the video resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels.
  • These have the 8GB internal storage along with the 2 GB RAM processor which would be 1.5 GHz, TI OMAP with 4470 components.
  • You can able to connect your device with the other display and computers easily.
  • You can able to easily use the camera that has 63 degrees of view horizontally and 38 degrees vertically in this the Codecs that had been pre-installed. So there won’t be any need for the additional settings.
  • You can join the conferencing through a single click on a button and along with it the speakers and the microphones are mounted at the front.

VidyoRoom HD 2 – It has the high video quality

Normally when you are conducting the meeting the video clarity should be clear only then you would have the best interaction. When you want to create such kind of interaction with high-quality video then you are needed to make use of the VidyoRoom HD 2 because it contains 4k video quality.

This would allow nearly 16 participants to use the same screen and this contains the dynamic adaptation technology that too with automatically adjustable video quality that would be based on internet connectivity. Our partners at Futura conference are an amazing Australian team.

Even you can work them in the wireless mode. It had the multipoint content sharing features through using that you can able to easily share the files during the video conferencing.

Polycom real presence mediating – It acts as the all in one hardware

It acts as all-in-one hardware which is used for doing the video conferencing. It holds all the features that are needed before starting your video conferencing as like camera, speaker and screen that had been included in the packages.

  • The quality of the video would be 1080p or full HD.
  • You can able to make the conference better for that there is an option in the Polycom and this would offer you the screens for the different sizes. You can choose them between 55 or 70 HD LED screen.
  • You can control the system with the help of the touch interface that would make the entire event to take place smoother.

When you have the best video conference equipment with its help you can sure keep on doing your presentation in the better manner.